Christian Stocker is doing a rewrite of Bitfluxeditor based on Midas. Here’s an excerpt of his mail to the Bitfluxeditor developers mailinglist:

“I was able to insert arbitary elements and intercept/override key/mouseevents, so everything I had doubts about, seems to be possible.Therefore I will give it a try for the BXE NG and try to integrate it. This will save us certainly a lot of hassle with the keyevents handling and hopefully make it faster. Furthermore, the big Ã?, resp. dead keys do also work with midas. I couldn’t get them working with JS keypress events ( for the record).

Concerning Mozilla < 1.3 /Netscape 7, I think, it should be possible to still support them. We'll use Midas mainly for the typing stuff, not the formatting stuff, so it should be just a matter of additional keyevents in Mozilla <1.3 as it is now (of course, it's much more debugging/testing work, but as long as Mozilla 1.3 isn't that widespread (it's not even out yet..) it's well worth the effort.)"

RDF for Libraries

Roger Fischer from bitflux asked me about RDF implementations for digital libraries. Actually, there are almost none. This seems to be due to the fact that RDF is still an evolving technology, thus not used in production environments. Peter Gietz from DAASI pointed me to some interesting documents:

Search Mesh Topology and Visualisation

An Extensible Approach for Modeling Ontologies in RDF(S)