Christian Stocker is doing a rewrite of Bitfluxeditor based on Midas. Here’s an excerpt of his mail to the Bitfluxeditor developers mailinglist:

“I was able to insert arbitary elements and intercept/override key/mouseevents, so everything I had doubts about, seems to be possible.Therefore I will give it a try for the BXE NG and try to integrate it. This will save us certainly a lot of hassle with the keyevents handling and hopefully make it faster. Furthermore, the big Ã?, resp. dead keys do also work with midas. I couldn’t get them working with JS keypress events ( for the record).

Concerning Mozilla < 1.3 /Netscape 7, I think, it should be possible to still support them. We'll use Midas mainly for the typing stuff, not the formatting stuff, so it should be just a matter of additional keyevents in Mozilla <1.3 as it is now (of course, it's much more debugging/testing work, but as long as Mozilla 1.3 isn't that widespread (it's not even out yet..) it's well worth the effort.)"

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