SRW, the "Search/Retrieve Web Service" Protocol

“SRW is the “Search/Retrieve Web Service” protocol, which aims to integrate access to various networked resources, and to promote interoperability between distributed databases, by providing a common utilization framework. SRW is a web-service-based protocol whose underpinnings are formed by bringing together more than 20 years experience from the collective implementers of the Z39.50 Information Retrieval protocol with recent developments in the web technologies arena.”[1]


XUpdate – XML Update Language

“The mission of the XUpdate Working Group is to provide open and flexible update facilities to modify data in XML documents. Doing so it is not important where the documents come from. It can be real documents or virtual documents retrieved from XML databases.” [1]

The XUpdate language is used by Xindice [2], the XML database of the Apache project.