Spaghetti with Shrimps, Zucchini, Tomatoes

If you like seafood, this one is easy to prepare and tastes very well:

  • cook spaghetti
  • cut a half clove of garlic in little pieces
  • put some olive oil in a pan with a lid
  • always make sure that the lid is closed, otherwise you will not get a natural sauce from the shrimp’s and vegetables’ inherent water
  • let the oil become warm at medium heat
  • fry the garlic 1 min
  • add the shrimps to the pan
  • cut a zucchini in little pieces (1×1 cm) and add it to the pan
  • cut the tomatoes in little pieces (1×1 cm) and add them to the pan
  • add some basil to the pan and some lemon juice (no sault, as the shrimps I buy are usually already a bit saulty)
  • serve with the spaghetti
  • put some paremsano on top

Chinese Ginger Beef á la Zak

Poor Zak: people he visits always try to talk him into cooking, because he is such a good cook – so did I!

He prepared “Ginger Beef”, something that has been invented by the Chinese inhabitants of Canada. It only took 2 hours (of course mainly because I was asking Zak too many questions about what and how he’s doing it).

What I learned:

  • He prepared a Chinese sauce by cooking vinegar and sugar.
  • Garlic should be squeezed/mashed to get the most taste out of it.
  • Garlic + ginger + lemon peel = nice smell 🙂
  • … and so much more.

The whole thing tasted so damn good, thanks Zak!