InitMarketing Helps Magnolia Relaunch Website

In parallel with the new Magnolia 3.6 release, Magnolia International Ltd. also launched the new Magnolia website. InitMarketing helped Magnolia with re-structuring and re-writing the content.

The overarching goal was to make all existing information more comprehensible, thereby achieving better communication of the brand “Magnolia”. Furthermore, the new website includes more information beneficial to the Magnolia community such as the new Magnolia Newsletter.

Relaunched Magnolia Website

InitMarketing worked together with Swiss designer Andrea Heinzer for example on creating the front page banner. Andrea was in charge of designing the whole website and she obviously did a fantastic job.

InitMarketing is particularly proud that we achieved this milestone together with the folks at Magnolia and enjoyed working with them on the new website very much. The Magnolia ecosystem can expect some more good things to happen marketing-wise…

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