Magnolia Booth at Gilbane Boston Conference 2008

InitMarketing helped Magnolia launch the new Magnolia On Air at Gilbane Boston Conference 2008. Magnolia On Air is a content management solution for the broadcast media built on top of Magnolia Enterprise Edition.

Magnolia booth at Gilbane Boston Conference 2008

Boris Kraft, CTO Magnolia, talking to a conference participant in front of the Magnolia booth.

I am also here in Boston, enjoying the conference and meeting lots of people from the OSS CMS space.

Interview with Boris Kraft, CTO Magnolia

A video interview with Boris Kraft, CTO Magnolia, the Simple Open Source Content Management System, just got published on Boris discusses various aspects of marketing Magnolia.

Here’s an excerpt of the part I find most interesting:

Question: You’re building up the Magnolia office in New York. Is there a difference you realized between how to market your open source product in Europe compared to the US?

Boris Kraft: I think there are many differences. The expectations are different in the US, there are all these images we have in our heads about how the US economy works, about how the consumers are, and a lot of that is actually true. It’s much more hype, marketing is very very important, and the whole process is very fast, so it’s much more hype than substance – that’s my experience so far. So, coming from an European country – like Magnolia International sitting in Switzerland – this is a part where we typically have a very thoughtful way of doing things. We like to produce quality, and it takes longer, this is very difficult for us to deal with: To have this “Swiss mind set” and come to the US and basically clash with the “US mind set”. I kind of have to be there and say “we are the best, we are the greatest, we have everything tomorrow” whereas here we would say “yes, well, actually we can do this, yes” – you know, it’s a very different perception…

You can watch the interview highlights (4:44), the full interview (12:38), or read the transcript of the full interview.

InitMarketing Helps Magnolia Relaunch Website

In parallel with the new Magnolia 3.6 release, Magnolia International Ltd. also launched the new Magnolia website. InitMarketing helped Magnolia with re-structuring and re-writing the content.

The overarching goal was to make all existing information more comprehensible, thereby achieving better communication of the brand “Magnolia”. Furthermore, the new website includes more information beneficial to the Magnolia community such as the new Magnolia Newsletter.

Relaunched Magnolia Website

InitMarketing worked together with Swiss designer Andrea Heinzer for example on creating the front page banner. Andrea was in charge of designing the whole website and she obviously did a fantastic job.

InitMarketing is particularly proud that we achieved this milestone together with the folks at Magnolia and enjoyed working with them on the new website very much. The Magnolia ecosystem can expect some more good things to happen marketing-wise…