Useful Extensions for WordPress and MediaWiki

These are the WordPress and MediaWiki extension I use on my site:

WordPress Plugins

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior: Very nice and powerful plugin which lets me add tags to my blog entries and display the tag cloud in the sidebar. It also allows me to retrieve tag suggestions from Yahoo! for a post – easy to install and configure and very helpful!
  • WP-Leftycats: A mini patch which makes the feed icons display to the left side of a category name. I was just too lazy to hack it myself 🙂

MediaWiki Extensions

  • GoogleMaps: This extension allows me to show where I am located on the page with my contact details.
  • XFeed: Aggregates RSS feeds and displays them from within MediaWiki. Look at the startpage of my site to see it in action. There I show the 5 latest blog entries. I had to tweak the code a bit though, from $feedItems = array(); to $feed->items = array();. The author had it the right way initially, don’t know why he changed it.

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