My site with new design and software

I have made myself a little christmas present and redesigned my homepage on Furthermore, I have changed the software to WordPress and MediaWiki. Some long evenings and short nights have come to an end.

I am particularly happy about using MediaWiki now. Hey, weeee, I use the same software as Wikipedia does :). While transfering the contents from the old homepage to my new one into MediaWiki, I was quite suprised how well the default CSS formatting works and how we all got used to it by using Wikipedia. Hence, I did not change the formatting of contents. Actually, the same is true about the default CSS of WordPress, which is also widely used on the Web.

Big thanks go to Gassi of Netzwirt, who helped me very quickly by moving my domain to a PHP 5-enabled server. I am very happy with his hosting service for my site – no problems since 2,5 years.

Merry christmas to all of you!

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