"PHP 5 Enterprise Edition?" – Slides Online

Just put up the slides of my talk PHP 5 Enterprise Edition? at OSCOM 4. The session was well attended, equally by PHP and Java developers. The discussion after my talk suggests that there’s a growing interest on both sides: The PHP devs want to learn more about Java approaches to the enterprise market, like J2EE. On the other side, Java-devs are curious about this rapid development scripting language called PHP. Seems like OSCOM’s conference topic “cross-pollination” just works out fine.

My basic impressions from the discussion are the following:
– The PHP and Java world still reside on two different planets, there’s yet only little, but growing contact between both dev communities.
– PHP and Java form two different paradigms of problem solving, mainly comming down to “getting things done” (PHP) and “doing things right” (Java).

I will write an article on this topic for the forthcoming issue of the International PHP Magazine, trying to compose a kind of PHP 5 Enterprise Edition software stack and comparing the pros and cons with J2EE.

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