Announcing the Experts of Open Innovation Discussion Panel

Announcing the Experts of Open Innovation Discussion Panel

These are the experts I will welcome at the Open Innovation discussion panel which I moderate at OSCOM 4 conference:

BÃ¥rd Farstad

BÃ¥rd Farstad is the Software Development Manager of eZ systems []. He has been working professionally with CMS development since 1999 and have written many general purpose libraries like XML parser, SOAP library (client/server), XML-RPC library (client/server). He is also one of the main developers in the eZ publish CMS. In his spare time he likes to play with his daughter, play the guitar and is also into aquascaping.

Roy T. Fielding

Roy T. Fielding is chief scientist at Day Software [], a leading provider of enterprise content management software. Dr. Fielding is best known for his work in developing and defining the modern World Wide Web infrastructure. He is the primary architect of the current Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1), co-author of the Internet standards for HTTP and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), and a founder of several open-source software projects, including the Apache HTTP Server Project that produces the software for over 64% of public Internet web sites. Dr. Fielding received his Ph.D. degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.

David Heath

David Heath is Web Application Developer at OneWorld International [] in London. The portal brings together the latest news and views from over 1,600 organizations promoting human rights awareness and fighting poverty worldwide.

Chalu Kim

Chalu Kim began his career as a research engineer â?? starting with real-time coding of the Evans and Sutherland PS300 and mission rehearsal to nuclear imaging. For the next decade, Chalu Kim was responsible for developing new technology and took executive roles at companies such as IBM and a number of start-ups. In 2000, Chalu Kim founded eGenius [], a technology cooperative to help organizations benefit from the use of technology, especially open-source. He is actively involved in Zope and Lenya and Squid and other open-source projects. Mr. Kim lives in New York with his wife and a house cat from Chinatown.

Eric Pugh

Eric Pugh [] is a member of the Turbine and Maven development teams and an experienced Java enterprise developer specializing in leveraging open source software. Eric has built several Java based websites using Jetspeed, Turbine, and WebWork MVC frameworks. In addition to coding, Eric has written for OnJava and contributed to an upcoming book on Hibernate.

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