Call for Papers: eZ Conference 2007

BÃ¥rd published a short note on his blog that the call for papers for the 5th annual eZ Conference is now open. Deadline for submissions is February 1st.

The conference is worth attending not only for eZ Publish or eZ Components users and geeks, it is also interesting if you’re interested in content and knowledge management or PHP/LAMP in general. Last year, I enjoyed talking to guests such as Martin White and Anne Jubert, Rasmus Lerdorf and David Axmark – and some more of the 350 attendees.

Templates – Who Cares?

… everyone, it seems!

Those with some years of experience in the software business know: the implementation or decision upon a template engine is always good for flame wars.

Why? Templates are such a basic technology of a CMS, a must-have and not really something sexy. Those who hoped to make templates sexy, invented XSLT.

So why? Because it is a basic technology!

These are the flame war factors:

You can’t get Tempates out of Your Way

Every developer or Web designer building a Web site on top of a CMS, has to cope with the integrated template system, sooner or later. You will have a love-and-hate-relationship, because on the one side they help you, on the other side, every implementation has its pros and cons.

Love-and-hate-relationships are not really something that makes the involved parties calm and relaxed.

Who Takes Over the Bridge?

Templates are supposed to build a bridge between the programmers, who care about the business logic of a solution, and the designers who care about the user experience aka GUI. Thus, there are two groups with diverging interests affected by templates: programmers and Web designers. Every experienced how different their thinking can be? OK, then you clearly see the potential for conflict.

Love, Peace – and Common Sense

The discussion about the new template language for eZ publish, implemented as a library in the realm of the
eZ components, has of course been long, and is still ongoing – but there’s light.

It was interesting to observe, how the eZ components team will fight the fight and I must say, they did a good job.

So, what was it that created love and peace in eZ templates land? It was pragmatism: whenever a discussion becomes lengthy and and unfocused, bring it down to the facts, for example with a summary of past input and suggestions for solutions.

Doesn’t sound sexy? No, it doesn’t. Tempates are not sexy, they are basic technology, so let’s be pragmatic and treat it like that, so let’s cool down discussions and go back to work.

Sounds simple? It does, but is hard work, because you need to focus on the result!

You love such discussions? Jump in, you got time until Monday, 12:00.

PS: Did you find any irony in this text? Let me know 🙂

Yes, there is professional support for Open Source CMSs!

I have in the past read several papers about the Open Source CMS market, where the authors argued that such products lack professional support, that you depend on a forum or mailinglist, blabla. This is plain wrong!

For example, the company I work for, eZ systems, is the creator of the Open Source CMS eZ publish. We provide all the services you need, as well as total product responsibility for our CMS in the realm of the eZ publish Network, which includes guranteed bug fixing.

Aleksander Farstad, the CEO of eZ systems has just published an article entitled Power of Enterprise Open Source where he takes a closer look at what it really means to provide an Open Source product, plus professional support.

The essence of his view is: “The power of Enterprise Open Source originates from the combination of freedom and responsibility.” He further writes: “This gives both the users the freedom of choice and at the same time the backing of a responsible party providing a full set of guarantees and services.”

So, you consultants out there, get it right from now on! Of course, some of you already know about this 🙂

LinuxTag with "Information Web" Track (CfP 3 more days)

The LinuxTag 2006 will have three focus topics, one of them is “Information Web”, which comprises CMSs, Wikis, Weblogs, etc.

If you got something important to say about this topic in English or German: the Call for Papers will end this Sunday, January 15th – only 3 more days!

After organising last year’s OscomTag subconference at LinuxTag 2005 together with Markus Nix, the LinuxTag organizers asked me whether I would like to lead the team preparing the Information Web track this year. After contacting some of the OscomTag 2005 speakers, we got together a great group of 10 people:

I am very much looking forward to enjoying this event from May 3-6!

Slides online: ContentmanagerDays 2005

My German slides for ContentmanagerDays 2005 are now available for download in the talks area. I explained how eZ publish is being used for Enterprise Application Integration in a common project of eZ systems and Siemens Business Services. The eZ publish implementation allows to track the usage of paletts using RFID chips. Does not sound like a CMS-thing at all when you first hear of it, but nicely demonstrates the power of eZ publish.

Informatik 2004: Managing Internet platforms with predominant P2P traffic

Conference Minutes

Conference: Informatik 2004
Workshop: Algorithms and Protocols for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Applications
Talk: Managing Internet platforms wit predominant P2P traffic
Presenter: Gerhard HaÃ?linger, Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, Darmstadt/Germany

– 50-80% of traffic is caused by peer-to-peer data exchange, 5-20% account to HTTP access (peek values occure during day, low values during night).
– On Slyck, statistics about file-sharing protocols in use can be found.
– eDonkey protocol is dominating in Germany (>80%), U.S.: FastTrack (>70%)
– Caches for P2P traffic are problematic due to techical reasons, but also due to copyright problems with data in the cache. A participant pointed out that actually every cachy can potentially contain illegal data, it’s just that concerning p2p, the assumption is always that it transfers illegal data per se.
– Portions of P2P traffic in the access regions are larger then in the backbones and even smaller on international links
– P2P traffic characteristics over time is favourable for ISPs due to the smoothing effect on the daily traffic profile (e.g. video transfer of several Gbyte may last for days). But those characteristics make the increase in traffic volumen hardly predictable with high risk for planning & extension process in internet provider networks

OSCOM Germany to be founded at LinuxTag

OSCOM Germany [1] will be founded at LinuxTag [2], on June 26th 2004. The not-for-profit organisation brings together developers and users of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). LinuxTag is Europe’s largest Open Source event.

OSCOM organizes events, promotes standards and undertakes projects to further the state of the art of Open Source Content Management. OSCOM promotes Open Source Content Management solutions as powerful, affordable and flexible replacements for proprietary products. With the founding of OSCOM Germany, the first national sub-organisation of OSCOM International [3] will come to life.

The birth of OSCOM Germany will happen at a session of the free congress, Saturday June 26th, 10:00 [4], where some OSCOM members will present the organization.

Please subscribe to the OSCOM Germany general mailinglist [5] to keep up-to-date or to contact the members.


4th Conference on Open Source CMS – Request for Papers

There are many PHP CMS out there and the next conference on Open Source CMS is ahead, organized by OSCOM with assistance from the Apache Software Foundation.

Take a look at the OSCOM.4 Request for Papers and feel free to propose a session. Of course, anyone is invited to attend at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Switzerland, Wednesday, Sept 29 – Friday, October 1, 2004.

Let me know if you come: please ping- or trackback this entry, or write a comment. See you there!

The OSCOM Lemming Effect

OSCOM has organized a hackathon/sprint on January 22nd and 23rd, 2004, at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Henri has posted the IRC logs of day one and day two.

Oh, what’s it about the OSCOM lemming effect? Discussed on day one:

(11:09:08) bergie: Michii is expecting to see a “lemming effect” if Epoz
goes to OSCOM and showcases that “leading CMSs” are implementing it
(11:09:13) bergie: …others would probably follow

OSCOM: Proud to be a Member

Today, I became a member of OSCOM. I am particularly proud of this membership, because the spirit of OSCOM is unique, the current members are great individuals, and the objective a necessity:

The goal is to bring together as many great brains as possible to build a network and grow the community of open source content management.

Expect some interesting events to take place in Germany in the upcoming year which I will co-organise. More to come…

I am also happy that Florian has as well been welcomed as a new OSCOM member today.