Yes, there is professional support for Open Source CMSs!

I have in the past read several papers about the Open Source CMS market, where the authors argued that such products lack professional support, that you depend on a forum or mailinglist, blabla. This is plain wrong!

For example, the company I work for, eZ systems, is the creator of the Open Source CMS eZ publish. We provide all the services you need, as well as total product responsibility for our CMS in the realm of the eZ publish Network, which includes guranteed bug fixing.

Aleksander Farstad, the CEO of eZ systems has just published an article entitled Power of Enterprise Open Source where he takes a closer look at what it really means to provide an Open Source product, plus professional support.

The essence of his view is: “The power of Enterprise Open Source originates from the combination of freedom and responsibility.” He further writes: “This gives both the users the freedom of choice and at the same time the backing of a responsible party providing a full set of guarantees and services.”

So, you consultants out there, get it right from now on! Of course, some of you already know about this 🙂

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