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Business Portraits

Sandro Groganz (white background)
Sandro Groganz (black background)


Shadow on the snow: my wife and me.
View from my home office onto almost all of Bergerhausen.
That’s the house we live in, right where the windows in the roof are.
South-eastern view from my home office at the winter morning sun.


Giulio Concas (back)
Giulio Concas (front)
Zak Greant cooking
Melissa Bender Dellamea in front of Santa Maria/Brazil


eZ Awards 2006
James Blunt concert ticket


Istanbul tram in Istiklal Avenue.
Istanbul and the Bosporus at dawn.
The interior of the Sultan’s harem in Istanbul.
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
The famous madonna of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
Always enter the Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul at the right side, because that’s the good side…
Interior of the Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul.
Mexico City
Playa del Carmen/Mexico
Neunerköpfle (Tannheimer Tal)/Austria
Close to Skien/Norway


eZ Platform stack
eZ Publish administration interface overview (see manual)
Personal Knowledge Managment
Conesys architecture


Spaghetti with Shrimps, Zucchini, Tomatoes
Chinese Ginger Beef á la Zak


Martin Luther King
“Ledas Aufstieg” by Mark Krause

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