Ingridient Branding in Open Source Communities – Interview with Eclipse's Ian Skerrett

Back at Eclipse Summit 2010, I had the chance to interview Ian Skerrett, Director, Marketing at Eclipse Foundation on all things marketing Eclipse.

He very nicely describes how he utilizes ingridient branding to leverage the marketing resources of Eclipse members to not only push their own solutions, but to also raise the visibility of the Eclipse brand:

I keep on coming back to ingredient branding. The most famous would be the “Intel Inside”, and Intel certainly paid a lot of money to create that, but they also used their partners to take Intel out to the end-users. [At Eclipse] it is really about working with the projects to make sure that they are good communicators, and they’re communicating a solution. To me the interesting thing is how do you get the wider community to understand that Eclipse is a place for doing collaboration.

Watch the video or read the transcript of the Interview with Ian Skerrett about Marketing Eclipse at

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