Session at Open World Forum: Does Open Source Need Marketing?

Open World Forum 2010 In case you’ll attend the Open World Forum in Paris next week, make sure you join me and my team mate Rory MacDonald for our session Does Open Source Need Marketing?.

During this 1h session, we’ll testify some of the common misconceptions of marketing open-source software. We’ll also discuss major trends in marketing communications for open source vendors.

For example, one slide we prepared shares the mantra “It’s not about the code, it’s about conversations, stupid”. Furthermore, we’ll provide some recommendations regarding Marketing 1.0 vs. Marketing 2.0 and how your brand will work for customers and the community alike.

The session is part of a full-day Think Tank on open source marketing entitled “All Change Please”, which features one more workshop presented by Simon Phipps, Carlo Piana, Charles H. Schultz. Patrice Bertrand, CEO of SMILE, will also take part in the Think Tank.

‘Nough said: Learn more about the bleeding edge of open source marketing and join our session October 1st, 14:00-15:00.

BTW: I’ll attend the 2010 Paris Open Source Think Tank as well, which takes place prior to OWF.

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