A Primer on Europe for US-Based Open Source Communities and Vendors


Wazi just published an article I wrote, comparing Europe and the US, which hopefully allows Open Source vendors based in the US to better understand the European market.

The article is based on the research I did for the talk I presented at this year’s OSBC. The part I personally find most interesting is:

It’s worth noting here the German study revealed that saving on licensing costs is more important to those adopting open source software for the first time. The longer someone uses FOSS, the more important the freedom aspects become namely open standards, vendor independence, and the free and open source software philosophy. Hence, open source vendors need to approach potential customers in Europe differently depending on how open source savvy these potentials are.

That same study actually revealed a high level of satisfaction of users of Free and Open Source Software.

I’d like to thank the InitMarketing team for their valuable input while researching the topic and writing the article!

Now, enjoy reading my article over at Wazi: A Primer on Europe for US-Based Open Source Communities and Vendors

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