Calendar of Open Source, IT, Industry-specific Events

World-wide Free and Open Source Software EventsInitMarketing has made its calendar of world-wide conferences and trade fairs related to Free and Open Source Software, IT and specific industries available to the public.

It currently includes 122 events in 17 countries taking place in 2009. 43 of them in Germany, 69 in USA. We use this calendar when planing events for our customers, thus we’ll regularly update it. Please let us know of any events which are not on our radar yet by commenting to my blog or commenting at the bottom of the events page.

16 thoughts on “Calendar of Open Source, IT, Industry-specific Events

  1. Hi, we’re hosting a bilingual conference focusing on open source solutions for data centers and large IT infrastructures with Puppet creator Luke Kanies, Linux Magazine columnist Charly Kuehnast and Balazs Scheidler the founder of syslog-ng & BalaBit:

    Open Source Data Center Conference
    Date: 29 – 30 April 2009
    Venue: NH Nuremberg City, Nuremberg, Germany


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