Wirawan Harianto Wins InitMarketing Logo Contest

I am happy to announce the winner of the InitMarketing logo contest. We received 34 logo submissions and we would like to deeply thank everyone who participated. It was great to see the logos coming in since the very first days of the contest. Many of them are well thought out and we very much appreciate the time each of the participants invested to contribute their ideas.

And the winner is: “Orange Hit” of Wirawan Harianto.

Winner of InitMarketing logo contest

Four out of five InitMarketing team members opted for the winner logo. We believe that it is a true iconographic representation of InitMarketing. In fact, the creator of the logo said it himself so well in his logo description.

Wirawan Harianto is currently a second year graphic design student in Sydney Graphics College, Australia, wanting to specialize in Web Design. He is an open-source enthusiast translating online documents of open source projects into his native language, which is Indonesian.

We will now develop our corporate design together with Wirawan, which will include:

  • InitMarketing logo (enhancing the logotype)
  • InitMarketing website
  • InitMarketing business cards
  • InitMarketing letterhead

Following the open source tradition, we make our corporate design efforts public and welcome everyone to contribute with feedback, starting with the logo’s first revision.

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