Vikram Vaswani from India Joins InitMarketing

Vikram Vaswani provides Open Source marketing services in IndiaAs of today, Vikram will join the InitMarketing team and run the InitMarketing office in Bombay, Maharashtra India. He is an experienced technical writer who already published several LAMP books and contributed articles to various developer zones such as IBM developerWorks and Zend devzone. Furthermore, Vikram has an MBA from Oxford University and thus blends technological expertise with business know-how.

I am very happy to welcome Vikram on board, especially because now InitMarketing can provide better marketing support to the emerging Open Source market in India.

One thought on “Vikram Vaswani from India Joins InitMarketing

  1. Hi,
    Its nice to go through all that but frankly speaking it hardly matters if you speak about Open Source that how many books you have written or from where you had done your masters. The fact here in India is to get people adapt Linux or Open Source is only and only through changing their mindset and we are doing that from 8 long years and I still feel there is lot more to work upon as if we look into desktop we are still there from where we started.

    Groundwork should be more agressive and few more concrete steps should be taken.

    Anyway its always niceto know all this.




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