Marketing Open Source Software – Slides Online

I just finished my talk at Drupalcon and put the slides online:

Thanks to everyone who attended and I very much enjoyed the discussions we had about marketing Drupal.

PS: I shamelessly forked some conceptual and visual ideas for the slides from Marty Neumeier – if you steal, steal from the best! I’ll evolve my slides over time and make them more unique once we have a corporate design for InitMarketing. The logo contest is still open.


7 thoughts on “Marketing Open Source Software – Slides Online

  1. Hi Sandro,
    Seems a good piece of work to me, worth the presentation to a bigger audience. There is just one point I’d like to discuss with you.
    “Avoid multilingual corporate Web sites”
    … is a good advice for startups and companies with local markets. If you do (or try to do) a worldwide business, multilingual websites is a must have. Even if it is a hard, expensive and time consuming task. If I imagine, how I could deal with a web site only available in Spanish of French, I would be completely out. This is still a world of different people and we should not exclude people due to the fact that we do blogging in English from Germany and get American readers. We still get just much less than half of the world. 😉


  2. @Stephan: You are right. I just recommend to consider thoroughly whether a i18n Web site is really necessary. It depends on various factors.

    For example, while your product is still in development, available as alpha or beta release, and you market to visionaries and early adopters, English suffices. If you are a system integrator providing in various regions, make sure you provide information in all the languages understood by your customers. Maybe your customers never look at your Web site, because they find you through word-of-mouth? Then an English-only Web site might suffice again and you only provide a few top-level pages in different languages. And so on…


  3. @Omid: I don’t host large files (the slides are 1MB) on my Web site because I want to avoid hitting the traffic limit. If you shoot me an email, I’d be happy to send the files to you: sandro at groganz dot com.


  4. Sandro,

    I agree, during development English suffices, at least for us and English speaking people. 😉 During development time it’s like in an startup anyway.


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