Vacation at Lago Maggiore, Italy

Just back from a 1 week vacation at Lago Maggiore, Italy with my wife.

We stayed in a holiday house in Traffiume, a tiny and lovely village close to Cannobio. We realized after some sight seeing around the lake, that Cannobio was actually the nicest place at Lago Maggiore. It has a rather large historic center, a beautiful promenade at the lake, great restaurants, fantastic ice cream – well, simply, everything you expect from a gorgeous and relaxed Italian town.
IMG 5106
IMG 5103
Of course, we did visit the Borromean Islands, but only Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori. Though there were tons of tourists on Isola Bella, we could still enjoy the fantastic scenery – this island is a must-see! Make sure you visit the palazzo, it’s worth the high entry fee.
Palazzo of Isola Bella
We also made a trip to a little medieval village up in the mountains, called Gurro. Driving the curly and steep road was itself an interesting experience.
IMG 5091
On our way back home, we stopped by at Locarno and enjoyed a few ruminant moments in the backyard of the citadella.
IMG 5131
See all pictures from our trip to Lago Maggiore in my Flickr photo set.

2 thoughts on “Vacation at Lago Maggiore, Italy

  1. Ronald,

    we simply asked for a place to rent at the tourist office in Cannobio.

    The lady at the tourist office spoke German quite well, I guess she also speaks English.

    Although it was the main tourist season (August) and most places were booked up, we were lucky finding the house we stayed at for a price which would have left us with only a little room had we booked what we found by googling.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact address neither a phone number of the house. It is located in Traffiume, Via S. Anna, just across the Ristorante/Pizzeria.



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