Open Source PR Agency in USA: Terpin Communications

4 months ago, Mindquarry was searching for a PR agency in the USA and today we can already look back at a highly successful public relations campaign, performed by Terpin Communications.

I am extremely happy with the results achieved by Terpin. They helped build up a growing momentum in the blogsphere which just now starts to spill over to traditional media.

Terpin exceeded our expectations when it comes to number of Mindquarry downloads, unique visitors at and Google hits for “mindquarry” as well as the ranking of our Web site for certain keyword searches. Due to increased public visibility, we got contacted by new customers, potential partner companies and investors.

Our points of contact at Terpin are very attentive and highly responsive to all our requests. I appreciate their strategic expertise in software marketing and especially in PR for Open Source product vendors. Terpin is a reliable, goal-oriented and well connected PR agency.

Credit where credits are due. Thanks Terpin!

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