Lars at Web Monday in Berlin

Web Monday “connects users, developers, founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, bloggers, podcasters, designers and other folks interested in Web 2.0 topics (in the broadest sense)” – as they say about themselves.

This event takes place once per month on a Monday in several cities around Germany. Today, I was flying to Berlin to spend a week in the Mindquarry office and, hey – it’s Web Monday!

Right now, I sit in the Newthinking office and listen to Lars‘ presentation of Mindquarry.



I am happy to be here, together with 40 other attendees. Lars told me that usually it is even more people – cool! If you’re in Berlin on a Monday, check if it’s Web Monday, it’s worth being there.

I am also happy to be here because finally, I got the chance to meet with Markus Beckedahl face-to-face.

One thought on “Lars at Web Monday in Berlin

  1. I enjoyed seeing Lars presenting his idea some time after I had the chance to ad my 5-cent-ideas eons of time before. And of course it was nice to meet you. Plus i like that you did not cut my nose on the second picture on this side. 😎

    Greetings from the Businessblogbringer
    Knut O.E. Pankrath


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