Mindquarry GO Launched – Get 3 Beta Tester Accounts

Go for Mindquarry GO 🙂 It’s the new online hosted collaboration service offered by Mindquarry, powered by our Open Source Web collaboration software.

You can now (continue to read below before you click) sign up for 333 free Mindquarry GO Beta accounts to work with a fully functional version of the Mindquarry GO offer for 3 months. It includes 100GB disc space for file sharing, unlimited teams, user, Wiki pages, tasks, etc. – no need to download, install, configure or troubleshoot.

I have 3 reserved accounts for the readers of my blog. Leave a comment and make sure you enter your email address. I’ll pick those who are in desperate need of a good collaboration tool 😉

With Mindquarry GO, we are joining the ranks of Open Source companies offering their products as Software as a Service (SaaS).

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