Principles of Marketing

Besides all the marketing theories, there are basic principles to keep in mind:

  1. Your product should create value – otherwise you won’t make money with it.
  2. Marketing is the internal spokesman of your (potential) customers.

These are the implications:

Make sure your software is useful since day one. Focus on usability and stability. Implement functionality that solves daily needs and fight bugs fiercely. Make sure you have at least these processes of product development institutionalized: defining a roadmap for adding or changing features, specifying those features in more detail, implemention, feature freeze, testing + feedback from beta users, bug fixing, roll out.

As a marketing person, think like a customer and be clear and honest to your colleagues. Remember: Though you get paid by the company you do marketing for, your customers don’t. At best, customers tell you what they would like to see optimized in your software. In the worst case, they simply won’t care about your product. Hence, marketing needs to anticipate customer opinions and ensure a product’s usefulness.

2 thoughts on “Principles of Marketing

  1. Did you read “Lean Solutions” by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones? It teaches you, _how_ to think like your customer: “Solve my problem completely; don’t waste my time; provide exactly what I want; deliver value where I want it; supply value when I want it; and reduce the number of decisions I must make to solve my problems”

    Seems to be an interesting book for you!


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