Datamation Lists Mindquarry as Bleeding-Edge Open Source Company

Datamation just published an article entitled Ten Bleeding-Edge Open Source Companies:

Firms that represent the future of open source, from start-ups to established enterprise plays. We look at strategy, funding, and management.

The article also sheds a light on Mindquarry and IMHO, they paint a realistic competitive landscape and identify the main challenges as well as potentials for Mindquarry.

We see a lot of potential in our unique and compelling business model, which can be described as “Web 2.0 meets Open Source”. We (will) offer Mindquarry packaged as

The combination of these is a huge competitive advantage. For example, users of our upcoming SaaS offer can potentially also use Open Source clients for Mindquarry (e.g. to manager their tasks offline) developed by our community (e.g. for their PDA or Mobile Phone).

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