Questions You Ask a PR Agency

My search for a PR agency in the USA for Mindquarry has lead to some good results. I am waiting for feedback from some promising potentials. Below is the Q&A I sent to them.

Some of the questions should be answered by your marketing strategy which you hand out to your PR folks. Nevertheless, with a young company like Mindquarry, your marketing strategy is likely to change while you introduce new products and gain new experiences. Hence, I want a PR agency flexible enough not only to shape a story and message with you, but also to keep an eye on how the results of a PR campaign impact your general strategy.

Use the list at your own risk 🙂

Profile of PR Agency

  • Where do you see do Mindquarry and your PR agency fit well together?
  • Why can you help us best to be successful? What’s special about you, what’s your PR “trick”?
  • Do you see critical aspects, anything where you or Mindquarry need to adapt to work together smoothly?
  • How big is your company: How many employees, how many customers?
  • Please name all Open Source clients and your team members who work(ed) for them.
  • Please name your 5 best known customers and your team members who work(ed) for them.

Profile of Mindquarry

  • How would you describe the profile of Mindquarry?
  • What are strengths and weaknesses?
  • How would you position Mindquarry in your PR, what’s the core message?
  • Do you see a large disadvantage in Mindquarry not yet having an office in the USA? Which interim solution would you suggest until the office is in place?

General PR Approach

  • What would be the general PR approach you’d suggest to gain visibility of Mindquarry? Starting with social marketing / community evangelism then moving towards “traditional” PR? Or mixing it right from the start?
  • Please list the minimum actions you would perform to ensure the success of Mindquarry PR.
  • How long will it take, to achieve the goal?

Focus Groups

  • Please give us an idea which focus groups you would address and the reasons why?
  • Also, who are the focus groups you would leave out, why?

Channels and Collaterals

  • Which channels would you address?
  • Which magazines/journalists would you approach? Where do you want to see a news or article appear?
  • Are there in general conferences or trade fairs we should not miss?
  • Should the PR be in sync with our appearance at events or is this less important?
  • Any bloggers you have in mind whom you could ask to write about Mindquarry?
  • Do you think is ready for the upcoming PR campaigns? What would you urgently change?
  • Do you plan to make use of within your PR? How?
  • What kind of marketing collaterals (e.g. brochures) should Mindquarry provide or adjust for your PR?

Resources and Costs

  • How many of your team members would be involved in Mindquarry PR?
  • Will we have a dedicated point of contact? How much of her time would this person allocate to us? Who would assist her?
  • What kind of help would you need from Mindquarry?
  • A rough estimate: how much would the minimal PR cost?


  • How would you benchmark the success or failure of your Mindquarry PR?
  • How would you correlate it to sales figures (conversion)?

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