From 17 000 to 500 000 Google Results for "Mindquarry"

On Friday last week, Germany’s biggest IT news site Heise News wrote about the first public release of the Mindquarry Open Source teamwork software. Another big German IT site, Golem, also wrote about it.

This brought the Mindquarry Web servers almost down to their knees due to traffic caused by downloads of the Mindquarry software. At Friday, we had around 100 gigabyte changing owners caused by 2500 downloads, 7000 unique visits and 30 000 hits.

1/3 of the traffic has been caused by the two German sites, with 25% of visitors coming from Heise, 9% from Golem. The biggest share, about 28%, actually came from StumbleUpon, 5% via, 33% from various other sites.

The aftermath of the release PR can best be seen in the Google results when searching for “Mindquarry”: Before Friday, it was 17 000, right now they are at 500 000.

Update: Forgot to mention that Lars also blogged about the release PR aftermath.

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