Stenshuvud National Park (Sweden)

In August 2006, I spent a few days in Sweden together with my wife during vacation. The most beautiful place we found was Stenshuvud National Park with a wonderful long long long sandy beach. There were only a few tourists, lots of nature, no buildings, hundreds of ladybirds. Sounds romantic and you bet it was a great place to celebrate our first year of marriage.

We stayed at a B&B close to the park called Ekenäs Gård with nice rooms and fantastic breakfast. A really lovely place. Make sure you get the big room with the balcony should you intend to go there.

3 thoughts on “Stenshuvud National Park (Sweden)

  1. hi,

    i would like to travel to stenshuvud national park this august and wondered if you had any tips on how to travel from train to park without a car?



  2. Hi Rosalie,

    sorry for the late reply.

    We were driving there by car, all the way north from southern Germany and back. I think it will be hard to get around at Stenshuvud without a car. Maybe you want to call the tourist office in Simrishamn or Kivik. They speak English and can provide advice, maybe you can rent a car or bikes with their help.

    Good luck!


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