Article "PHP 5 Enterprise Edition" available online

I just found that my article entitled PHP 5 Enterprise Edition is now available online. It has initally been published in the
International PHP Magazine.

From the introduction:

Today, J2EE could be named the de facto industry standard for the development of distributed multi-tier architecture applications. It is backed up by industry leaders like Sun, Oracle, BEA, and IBM. This article will compare PHP’s software stack with what’s available in (and for) J2EE, to overcome the typical Java versus PHP discussions that usually focus on language features, but do not take into account the overall picture. Basically, this article assembles a PHP5 Enterprise Edition (PHP5EE).

Although this article is almost 3 years old, it is still very interesting to read. Especially when reading the following sentence or projection in the article’s summary:

In no way should this article be a dispraise of all the good volunteer work that happens in the PHP community, but it definitely needs more successful companies in the PHP market who continuously climb up the ladder and extend the PHP software stack.

Considering that since the article has been published, two companies (eZ systems and Zend) have started to create their own libraries aka frameworks to extend the PHP software stack (eZ components and Zend Framework), I would say that PHP is on the right way and that my article was quite influential 🙂

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