The Future of eZ publish and eZ components

Now you can take a look into the future of eZ publish development, as well as the eZ components. I have conducted and published an email interview with five of eZ systems’ leaders of the development team.

eZ components

Ideas for future eZ components are:

  • a framework component,
  • a MVC component,
  • a component for sending IPC messages between different parts of an application,
  • a workflow component,
  • a search component.

eZ publish

  • The eZ publish 4.0 Features List has just been published.
  • The eZ publish 4.0 Roadmap will be published beginning of June.
  • eZ publish 4.0 will be based on PHP 6, mainly because of Unicode support.

Self-fullfilling Prophecy

Our dev leaders provide lots of valuable information and are doing a fine job as fortunetellers – as they are predicting a future they shape themselves, it should become a self-fullfilling prophecy 🙂

Honestly, I fully trust in what they are saying and doing, there’s a lot of intelligence accumulated at eZ systems. Just look at the high quality of eZ components, and you will be able to anticipate just how good eZ publish 4, the next big version of eZ publish, is going to be.

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