My New Role: Chief Knowledge Officer

I have been appointed Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) at eZ systems. Some of you might go “Uh, CwtfO???”, so here is what Wikipedia has to say about the CKO role:

A Chief Knowledge Officer is an organizational leader, responsible for ensuring that the organization maximizes the value it achieves through “knowledge”. […] CKO responsibilities include such things as (1) developing an overall framework that guides knowledge management, (2) actively promoting the knowledge agenda within and beyond the company, (3) overseeing the development of the knowledge infrastructure, and (4) facilitating connections, coordination and communications.

That’s quite a nice description. One special thing about eZ systems is, that it is an Open Source company, thus the borders between internal and external communication often do not exist. In fact, an Open Source company is just as much about an open communication as it is about open software.

This is actually the part I am most excited about: to explore the potentials of open knowledge management, which includes the eZ systems team just as much as the developers community, the partners, etc. In an Open Source ecosystem, knowledge management is very much a joint effort of all actors involved and can only follow a bottom-up approach.

With the CKO role, eZ systems is the only Open Source company I know of with a dedicated role for managing its knowledge and that of the whole ecosystem. It shows that eZ systems is serious about its slogan “Share your Information”.

If this all sounds too abstract to you, stay tuned, as I plan to write about concrete KM projects and their results in my Weblog.

2 thoughts on “My New Role: Chief Knowledge Officer

  1. Hi my name is Rodrigo gallegos and I was appointed as knowledge manager in my current organization, which is basically a foundation devoted to innovate and develop new ideas and projects sort of R&D projects.

    I ve got a lot of ideas to share and onbiously serveral of doubts that arise when it comes to carry out a knowledge process.

    I would be delighted to share some ideas with you.

    Rodrigo Gallegos
    KM manager at Fundacion Chile
    Office: 56-2-2400510
    Mobile: 56-9-84094278


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