X-mas Present for Beta Geeks: new eZ components released

Here’s your early x-mas present: the eZ components beta2 are out! Seems like our developers had a lot of fun working on this release – that’s the impression I get from Toby‘s article and blog entry. When studying the changelog, it becomes clear that they put quite some effort into making this release useful for early adopters.

It makes me extremely happy to see the good development of the eZ components, as this is state-of-the-art PHP 5 development – right what is needed to showcase PHP’s OO-power. Now that the inline docs are available online, the clean design and implementation becomes obvious.

If you love to live cutting edge with PHP 5, check out the components and work with them. There are also Powered by eZ components logos available if you want to show off as a beta geek 🙂

Oh yes, and there’s #ezcomponents on irc.freenode.net now!

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