lots.ch got kidnapped and misused to advertise a Company

Seems like the lots.ch domain got kidnapped. LOTS, that was a nice Open Source event in Switzerland, now its domain points to a Swiss company that does not even provide Open Source software. Poor LOTS got misused!

What happened? Well, LOTS does not exist anymore, the organisation behind the event ceased to exist. I don’t understand why they did not keep the Website as an archive? So many other sites link there, like mine, because I did presentations at both events in 2005 and 2004.

Chregu’s asking, whether the company tries to get some link-love? Andreas mentions that there were some problems between the LOTS organisers.

Anyway, I urge the company to make the lots.ch Web site available again or let the domain point to nowhere – but not to the company Web site – this is very bad style! And it harms the good intentions that LOTS had …

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