Mark's Art

My good friend and painter Mark has some of his fabulous art online on his homepage.

We know each other since the first semesters at university and I always liked his art. Whatever he did, he did it his way, just like Sinatra sings.

He already did some “live-painting” twice, i.e. creating a painting while a classical orchestra plays. I remember when he showed the sketches to me which helped him to prepare for one of the live-paintings, where he was supposed to visualize what the orchestra played: The Creation of Haydn. He had started with small sketches, then making bigger ones. Of course, the actual painting he created during the concert, was much bigger then any of his sketches.

I won’t write more about his works here, because talking about art is like dancing about architecture 😉

Take a look here, you don’t need to understand German, to understand the pictures:

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