My third arm and second brain: IBM ThinkPad T42

The company got me an IBM ThinkPad T42 about 9 months ago, which became my third arm and second brain. The notebook is very reliable, it simply works, never had any problems with it.

I actually kept Windows XP Professional on the machine, because I am not doing that much coding anymore. Until then, I had Linux on my notebooks for over 3 years. I still have it in VMWare now. It is very convenient to have the additional IBM software nicely integrate with Windows and especially the fingerprint sensor.

I have the fingerprint sensor turned on for boot authentication and it works like a charm since a software upgrade about 4 months ago. Some consider it a useless gadget – I think, it’s a nice gadget 🙂

What I appreciate most is the solid, though lightweight case.

Derick actually recommended the notebook to me – good tip, thanks dude!

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