John Scofield plays Ray Charles

Groovy autumn Jazz: Guitarist John Scofield plays Ray Charles. I listen to this CD up and down since I bought it a week ago. Some songs are purely instrumental, others with excellent vocals.

Although I already got some of his other CDs and also like them, I was sceptical first whether I should by it. My friend and guitar genius Jürgen does not like Scofield, he thinks that Scofield does not play with feeling. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Scofield has managed to transport a unique spirit in each of the songs on the CD.

Just listen to the quiet and beautiful “Cryin Time” or the vivid “Sticks and Stones”. MP3s are available here:

In fact, Scofields typical style which makes his melodies sound edgy and chiselled, very much matches with Ray Charles’ crying voice which the songs played by Scofield remind us of.

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