Wanted: Experts for "Open Innovation" Discussion Panel

For OSCOM 4, I am organizing the discussion panel “Open Innovation” which takes place Sept 30, 16:00 – 17:45 (more information below). If you feel like you could contribute to the discussion as an expert, please write to me in private and let me know your field of expertise. Actually, everyone is an expert on something – so please do not hesitate to contact me!

The discussion will be a kind of brainstorming session that could well end in chaos or deep enlightement – depending on the moderator (me) and the attendees. If you come as an expert, I might ask you some specific questions on your field of knowledge and the other participants might do the same as well. Experts do not need to prepare any presentation, just be there, have an open mind and enjoy the experiment.

So, let me know: sandro dot zic at zzoss dot com

Discussion Panel
Open Innovation: Learning from Open Source

The fundamental strength of the Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) community is how it allows collections of very different groups and individuals to cooperate, develop, innovate and share.

This discussion panel seeks to bring together the forward thinkers attending OSCOM to discuss the specific characteristics of innovation in the FLOSS community and how they could be adopted by business leaders, educators, scientists and politicians.

The panel will discuss:
* the cultural norms, economic factors and technical mechanisms that the FLOSS community relies on
* the broad cultural norms and economic dynamics of various major non-FLOSS communities
* how and why these norms and mechanism are different
* where and how the strength of the FLOSS movement can be shared with other cultures and organizations, from companies and universities to activist groups and non-profit organizations.

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