ZZ/OSS Installer Client 1.1.0dev1 Released

ZZ/OSS is happy to announce that the ZZ/OSS Installer Client (ZIC) 1.1.0dev1 has been released. ZIC is a PHP-based installation wizard and development tool for professional release management of modular PHP applications.

This is a development release with new features. You can use this version to make your own PHP software installable with ZIC. The schema of the XML files describing your application is solid.

This new tutorial on making phpMyAdmin installable with ZIC is a good start.

If you use Mozilla, please make sure to set the preference ‘network.http.redirection-limit’ to the value ’30’ or higher if you get a “redirection limit” error. Type ‘about:config’ into the address field to access the preferences.

Download ZIC 1.1.0dev1 from the Sourceforge project homepage.

Please report bugs to the bug tracker, mailinglist, or IRC.

More information is available at the installer homepage

An excerpt of most important changes:

  • works on Windows and Linux
  • integrated plugins and packages manager for installed applications
  • development applications can now also be installed
  • default install path of development applications has ‘-dev’ added to app name
  • new default theme ‘kde’ which is more neutral
  • option to automatically remove setup wizard after installation
  • handle different magic quotes settings
  • progress bar shows download process
  • single packages or plugins can be added
  • works with E_ALL error reporting
  • fileroles: default behaviour of installer without having any filerole plugins installed is that the file gets copied to the location specified in filelist/file of package.xml
  • configurable quick installation of development applications allows for faster development
  • detect circular dependencies of packages needing each other
  • process filelists with nested dir elements in package.xml

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