Remote, Remoter, the Remotest

No, this posting is not about Remote Procedure Calls, it’s about the “island” I currently spend my vacation: Hallig Langeness. I quoted “island”, because geologically, a Hallig is not an island as it consists of sand and has been created by the sea, which would also wash it away over time, if humans had not “fixed” the coast with stones.

Right now, it’s only Zak, Georg Richter, and me who are on Mayenswarft. Derick was with us for some days, as well as Christian and Sabine. Ulf and Jan visited us for a weekend.

Today is our last day, the tide is high, the wind strong and cold (althoug Zak, as a Canadian, feels comfortable with the temperature).

Pictures are available online from Derick and Christian.

We got Internet here (3 persons sharing 56k), no light on the streets (err, “streets”), 120 inhabitants, thousands of birds, one restaurant (yammi food!), no bakery, no supermarket, no speed limits, no police.

Back on track tomorrow, crossing the Baltic Sea with a ferry, and then making our way back to civilization…

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