Do You Email?

Sterling will quit using email because it is a great big waste of productivity and energy.

Seraching for alternatives, some believe that RSS will kill email publishing.

Maybe, the personal information manager Chandler will one day allow for more efficient communication. Recently, the XML Format for Chandler’s Data Model Schemas has been published, which reveals on the technological level some of the project’s vision. Interested? Today’s posting on the Chandler developers list says: “We will be releasing Chandler revision 0.2 on Tuesday, September 22nd”.

So do you still email? I do, but it seems that my virtual communication behaviour is outdated, so I should consider alternatives 🙂 Actually, I recently unsubscribed from most developers mailinglists I actively or passively participated in, because [read Sterling’s statement on emails].

In fact, communicating with your friends or like-minded persons can be done in Weblogs if what you are saying is not too private and of relative general interest. At least, blogs keep a friendly community updated in a way that let’s any member of this community decide on his own, when she wants to consume the information aka visit the Weblog. It’s the queue doctrine of email messaging, that makes it often uncomfortable to manage and incorportate into your workflow.

The German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” published a wonderful article about the always-on generation who email themselves out of life. The article discusses, especially from a psychologic viewpoint, that “email addicts” have a shattered lifestyle. Always-on junkies think that they are more efficient doing a multi-tasking workflow – but in fact, they are 50% slower then persons working sequentially (doing one job in a row).

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