Collaborative Learning Environments: "KoALA", "Learning Lab"

I met Jan Kiszka at UKUUG and he pointed me to the following two projects:

Information seems to be available in German only. The project is about collaborative training software and headed up by the ZDT of University of Hannover.

Learning Lab Lower Saxony (L3S)
“The L3S is part of the Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN) which is coordinated by the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL).

Central research areas of the L3S are:
– Educational Technology and Collaborative Learning
– Digital Media and Semantic Web
– Innovations in Learning
– eLearning Curricula and Content

The work of L3S includes research, consultancy and technology transfer as well as infrastructure and support in the field of innovative teaching and learning technologies. Thereby L3S aims at the permanent introduction and use of these new technologies into education.”

Jan had a nice IBM R40 Notebook with him, maybe that’s my next one 🙂

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