UKUUG: I'm there

Just arrived at UKUUG Linux 2003 conference in Edinburgh. I intend to blog some of the sessions I will attend. The first one will be Jon’s talk. So keep coming back to my blog because I will add some reports from time to time, until the conference closes on Sunday.

Upon registration, I of course received the famous conference bag with many sponsor ads. To my suprise, I also found a printed copy of a Samba 3.0 How-To. Good idea, thanks!

Fortunately, I had some time to do some sight-seeing in Edinburgh yesterday, which is – of course – a great city, as I have now been able to experience on my own.

As far as I have seen, the UKUUG conference Web site does not provide trackback links for each session – maybe next time for the winter conference? Then bloggers could reference single sessions. Apropos conferences and trackbacks: O’Reilly’s OSCON Web site provided trackback links, so maybe it will become a common place soon for any conference Web site – which would really make sense.

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