Open Source Xopus's Dead?

Lon announced that he will close the mailinglist for the Open Source version of Xopus, a WYSIWYG XML editor. Also, an initiative to start again development on OS Xopus did not seem to find any contributors. So it seems like OS Xopus is dead.

On the other hand, Bitfluxeditor Next Generation is well ahead and with the PHP documentation group in favour of using Bitfluxeditor NG, a growing developer community might emerge around this Open Source WYSIWYG XML editor.

Lon’s mail to the list (excerpt):

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 10:06:10 +0200
Subject:RE: [xopus] Re: Xopus proposal


I propose to close this mailing list down as it has lost it’s original
meaning and as long as there is no open source activity for the Xopus
If there are no serious objections I will stop this mailing list.


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