LinuxTag 2003: Open Office 1.1beta2 and DocBook

Volker John just arrived at LinuxTag. We started talking about our installer and Conesys, then Christian Egli popped in and asked a question about my Open Office Doc Book tutorial. While discussing a solution to the problem, Volker pointed me to his presentation Using Open Office for ETDs. There you’ll find some more infos on using DocBook in Open Office. Finally, Christian and Volker started their engines (notebooks) and started playing with OOo.

That’s what I love about LinuxTag: people meet, people solve concrete problems, on the spot, find new infos, learn some more – and enjoy the great atmosphere.


Note that my tutorial is about 1.1beta1, Volker’s about 1.1beta2 which is easier to handle in respect to DocBook.

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