LinuxTag 2003: Doc Web App – "Give it a try"

Rasmus is in favour of a Web app for the PHP documentation group. “Let’s give it a try”, he said at the PHP documentation group meeting at LinuxTag. Christian from Bitflux and me will see how the Bitflux Editor Next Generation can be used for Mozilla-based online translation of the manual inside of a Web app that fits the workflow requirements of the PHP documentation group (sepcifically the synchronisation of CVS and documentation Web app).


Just talking to Goba at LinuxTag, he sits next to me (hi :). These are the points we have to take care of:

– URLs are referenced with entities anywhere in the DocBook XML, see

– some more entities are used for ready made paragrpahs (e.g. “This function is experimental…”), see

– taking a look at Livedocs, we should take care that we use the css definition attributes created by the PHP parsing the DocBook XML to format output in BXE NG

– browsing in the document is provided via Livedocs ToC. The idea is that translators choose a page from the ToC, and click on “edit” at the page. Then BXE NG will pop up an everything will be fine 🙂


Christian has a blog entry on this topic, too.

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