sinn03 Conference

The SINN03 conference [1] on

Worldwide Coherent Workforce, Satisfied Users

– New Services For Scientific Information –
will take place in Oldenburg (Germany) from September 17th till 19th 2003.
This conference will cover methods of the management and maintenance of scientific information by a worldwide and distributed but coherent workforce. This includes the usage of novel and innovative tools as well as of services which have the objective to satisfy the users. The emphasis is on addressing the obstacles and challenges with distributed workforce for the service side and of outreach to the users and their satisfaction on the customers side.

The conference is divided into following thematic sessions (provisional):

  • Session 1: The Future of PhysNet
  • Session 2: Networking of Configurable Robots, Summarizing and Brokerage
  • Session 3: Distributed Open Document-Archives
  • Session 4: Distributed Open eLearning Sources and Systems
  • Session 5: Novel Tools for Distributed Services
  • Session 6: User Outreach and Statisfaction Measurement
  • Session 7: Coherent Realization and Political Impact
  • Podiums Discussion: Distributed vs. Centralized Systems:
    Funding and Maintenance of International Services


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