Interop and Unified Content

The Java Specification Request 170 [1], which defines a uniform application programming interface (API) for access to content repositories, might be a way to go for Open Source Content Management interoperability [2]?

Some analysts say that “June 2003 will see a reshuffling in the content management industry with final adoption of the Java Specification Request 170 (JSR 170) standard” because it addresses the main problem of CMS:

” Web applications such as Web sites, portals, shops or catalogues interact with content. These are held in content repositories, which are generally part of a content management system. The e-business sector has been faced with major challenges, because each CMS manufacturer uses its own repository API. It is not easy to exchange applications (for example, a database conforming to SQL), so integrators are forced to master various APIs, work with different application developers such as portal manufacturers, and adapt their products to a very wide range of APIs. This situation is not satisfactory for customers either – once you’ve decided on a content management system, it’s not easy to change your mind.” [3]


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