Hacking and Refactoring

Eric S. Raymond on the correlations between open source and agile software development:

“Ever since, though, I’ve been sensing a growing convergence between agile programming and the open-source movement. I’ve seen agile concepts and terminology being adopted rapidly and enthusiastically by my colleagues in open-source-land – especially ideas like refactoring, unit testing, and design from stories and personas. From the other side, key agile-movement figures like Kent Beck and Martin Fowler have expressed strong interest in open source both in published works and to me personally. Fowler has gone so far as to include open source on his list of agile-movement schools.”

“I’ve already given an example of what the agile movement has to teach the hackers, in pointing out that repeated redesign by refactoring is a precise description of hacking. Another thing we can stand to learn from agile-movement folks is how to behave so that we can actually develop requirements and deliver on them when the customer isn’t, ultimately, ourselves.”

[1] http://armedndangerous.blogspot.com/[…]

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