OSAF receives $98,000 grant

Some good news form the OSAF Website: “We are pleased to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has agreed to provide a $98,000 grant to fund a planning project to extend OSAF’s Chandler software application to meet the information technology needs of higher education. The Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) originally planned for its new Personal Information Manager application to target individual and small-to-medium business users that need a better tool to manage and share their email, contacts, calendars and notes. Based on expressions of significant interest from the higher education community, OSAF, with support of the Mellon Foundation, is undertaking a study of how to address administration, scalability, and security issues of that segment.” [1]

[1] http://www.osafoundation.org/MellonAnnouncement_Mar-31-2003.htm

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